I was a seed in my dormant phase

I was growing from within

I was destined to give this world its fruits

Why then was I made to feel ashamed?


I grew my shoots, I pushed the weight of the soil above

It was the much awaited morning, my dark nights were done.

I  was growing to be a creator, I was growing to give birth to new lives

Why then were my flowers considered a sign of ill will?


I am just blooming, I am just shedding my parts

I am  just growing to make place for my beautiful creation

Why then, do they look at me with disgust?

Isn’t it in this world that I’ll give my first born?


I will not let them drown me in their oblivion

It’s my privilege, not my shame

It’s the pride of my growth,  it’s what nature has created me to be

I am just blooming, I am just growing.

Menstrupedia Comic

thumbnailPoet – Shweta Parmar

Shweta is a 20 year old studying biotechnology. She has a passion for painting and abstract writing. This poem is a winning entry for Menstrupedia contest – Victory Chronicles.

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