Shock and shame – this is how most women in south Asia remember the onset of their menstrual cycle. The greatest irony of menstruation is the fact that it is absolutely essential for survival and perpetuation of humankind, but most societies don’t want to deal with the fact that women bleed every month.

We aren’t supposed to talk about it in the open, nor are we supposed to question the restrictions and rules that follow this natural biological process. We are not allowed in temples and kitchen, not allowed to sleep on the same beds with our family members and are made to believe that for those four-five days we are impure.

We, at Menstrupedia, are looking for stories of change, revolution and period-positivity that have busted these taboos and myths. We want to celebrate the courage some of us have shown and the tactics they have used to break this cycle of shame associated with periods. Send us your story in any creative format and get a chance to get your work published on our blog and win exciting goodies!

Tell us how you won over menstrual myths? How did you fight the superstition and bias?
Be a part of the Menstrupedia Victory Chronicles writing contest, and tell your story!

A few guidelines for the submissions:
Story submission (written) – Article should be between 800 to 1000 words in a .doc/.docx file
Art work – Send high res. image in JPG or PNG format
Poetry submission (written) – Submit composition in a .doc/.docx file
Poetry submission (spoken) – Audio/Video should be clearly audible and of good quality. Video will be highly preferred.

Please note that the written piece should be your original composition. In case your story is inspired by some other piece of writing, share the link and reference and give due credits.

Send in your entries along with a high resolution picture of yourself and a short bio, to

Last date for submissions – 20th Dec. 2015


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