Tell us your story and we’ll publish it on our blog.


Okay! What should I write on?

  1. Menstrual experiences and stories
  2. Tips and suggestions for that time of the month
  3. Menstrual myths and beliefs that bother you
  4. Menstrual Activism and Advocacy
  5. Women’s health and hygiene
  6. Artwork related to Menstruation
  7. Poetry on menstruation and related experiences

If you have something that doesn’t fit the mold but has been a result of your experience on Menstrupedia’s website or social media pages, feel free to pen down your thoughts and send them to us.

Where do I send this?

You can send an article (about 800 – 1000 words) or a poem (about 250-500 words) to

Cool. So I just need to send the article then?

Not quite. At Menstrupedia, we believe in celebrating our writers for speaking up on a conventionally taboo topic. It’s your time to shine! Along with your article, please send us the following details.

1. A small bio to tell the world of all your superpowers! (Please mention your town and country)

2. Link to your blog, webpage or online presence – because it’s time you got more likes and followers!

3. A lovely picture to go with it.

Awesome! So what are you going to do once I send you the article?

We will work on a relevant artwork to go with your article (because we love drawing!), give your article due credits and circulate it on-line in our network so that your idea reaches out to more number of people.

You are, of course, free to link the article to your personal blog/webpage.

Wow. This is great. Anything else?

Just that once in a while we like to focus in on our bloggers and contributors for making Menstrupedia’s community what it is today. To do so, we pick one of the writers every month and interview them. This is to put the spotlight on you – your work, your beliefs and your life, so that your followers/readers can know more about you than just a 2-lined bio. To know more, check out this interview of one of our bloggers – Medha Kulkarni

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