Swinging Emotions…

Do you also feel the same?

Or unlike me, do you think it’s not required?

I am going through those days of the month

I am irritated, frustrated and anxious

No I don’t have other things running through my mind

But I do know why my moods are so intense and high

Like me, do you also feel the same?


The pain

The uneasiness

And an overwhelmed attitude

Or unlike me, do you feel like that this is just fake?

I do not hate or dislike people around me

But I direct my anger at them, in the best way possible

At times they burst in double range of me

Or at times they think I have gone insane and leave me aside

Now how do I tell them that I am going through those days of the month!


Like me do, you also feel the necessity to talk to your companions and explain things to them?

Or unlike me, do you think it’s just a stupid conversation?

Keeping my cool and swinging moods in control

I have initiated the conversation with an “eh listen…

I am in my thosedays known as menstrual days

Unhealthy, sick and in pain

I become disaster, unknowingly

Now you know the story

Spare me those reactions, knowingly!


Cuddle me, comfort me

But honey, don’t return harsh actions with harsh actions

Bear with me, be with me

But don’t give me reactions that are angry!”

Now tell me,

Like me, do you agree about the same?

Or unlike me, do you think I am just jotting down fiction?

arpanaPoet: Arpana Lotiya

Arpana is a travel executive by profession and passionate about writing. She writes poems, articles on topics that express a thought or sometimes just a humor. She loves exploring places, people, culture and likewise writing styles

Editor: Divya Rosaline

Illustration by Aditi Gupta.