Image credits:- Aindri

This week’s #sustainabilitysunday post is from this super-awesome illustrator and designer of Indian origin – Aindri, residing in London. She does what she calls f-art(coolest.nick.ever!) about sub-continental things.

What follows is an excerpt of her comic strip on periods and menstrual cups that we couldn’t have not shared because of the following two reasons:-

  1. It captures periods and the supposed “growing up” in all its mundaneness and hilariously so.
  2. It had a conversation between a girl and her vagina. HOW COOL IS THAT!

Best way to talk to your daughters about periods

mygreenperiod mygreenperiod2


You can read the full comic strip here on her Medium Blog. You can also check out her other awesome work on her Behance Page.

All image credits:- Aindri

easiet way to teach and learn about periods

Menstrupedia Comic