Sanitary pad is worn between the vulva and the underwear. Most sanitary pads come with easy to follow usage instructions. In most cases pads have adhesives that stick to the panties, while others have wings that wrap under the panties to keep the pad in place. Sanitary pads are generally changed after every 4 to 8 hours to avoid it from getting over soaked.

Cleaning reusable sanitary pad

If you are using a reusable sanitary pad, then after each use, it should be soaked in cold and mildly salty water. If you use hot water, then it can cause the blood to set in and leave a permanent stain. After soaking, it should be properly washed and dried in the sun. Sun rays are natural sterilizers that kill germs and bacteria.

Illustration of how a sanitary pad is worn in the panty and washing instructions for cleaning a reusable cloth pad, soak in cold water, wash, sun dry - Menstrupedia