Looking for an Easy Way to Teach Your Daughter about Periods?

Menstrupedia Comic answers all the questions that your daughter might have about her body and periods in the most caring and fun way.

Over 1,36,000 parents trust this book to teach their daughter about periods.

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Menstrupedia Comic


For 9 years and above 88 Pages Paperback Rs. 250 (Free shipping in India) M.R.P: Rs. 395

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Topics covered

  • Physical and emotional changes while growing up
  • Nutrition
  • Menstrual cycle and the physiology of menstruation
  • Tracking the menstrual cycle
  • Hygiene and taking care during periods
  • Myth-busting and Q&A

Why this Book

I made this book for the 9 year old me.

Your daughter will love the stories, cartoon characters and beautiful drawings in the book.

No objectionable drawings, so that you can be comfortable discussing the topics in the book.

The content in the book is medically accurate and reviewed by an expert gynecologist.

If they can trust, you can too!

Used by over 11,000 schools


The book is used by 9 state governments and 27 companies for their CSR programs

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What do people say?

About Me

I have been a menstrual educator for the past 8 years now. Having been at the receiving end of period-related stigmas while growing up, I have a deep understanding of the discomfort people face when conversing about the topic. As a result, I have been committed to addressing menstrual myths and taboos through Menstrupedia, an initiative that I am co-founder of, and that uses comic-books and relatable media to de-stigmatise menstruation.

I am a TED Speaker, and a Forbes India 30 Under 30 achiever. I was also named as one of BBC’s 100 influential women of 2015 and have been a World Economic Forum Global Shaper. I have been invited in seven countries to share the model of my work in the field of menstrual health and awareness.

Over the years my work at Menstrupedia has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, CNBC and BBC.

So far, I have educated over 50,000 girls and women about periods, body positivity, and menstrual health. I have trained and coached over 10,000 educators in the movement towards Period Positivity.

Educational tools designed by me and my team are currently employed by over 11,000 schools in India. Menstrupedia’s resources are widely used in over 20 different countries. My work in the field of menstruation has impacted the lives of over 10 millions girls and women across India and the world.

I dream of a future where menstruation is not considered to be a taboo but a welcome change in young girls’ lives. Until then, I shall continue to contribute and innovate in the high-need areas of reproductive health education, adolescent lessons, relevant life lessons, and more.

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