Shilpashree V P

Menstrual, Adolescent Reproductive & Sexual Health Educator

50 Girls Educated
Shilpashree V P


Areas of Work
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Adolescent sexual & reproductive health certificate for educator from Educately

Her Story

Shilpashree grew up in a conservative and orthodox family where she had to follow period myths. Her experience was uncomfortable and terrifying. When her daughter was 9 years old, many of her family members kept asking her if she got her first period yet because several kids of her age had already gotten their periods. She felt worried about communicating the information to her daughter. Menstrupedia comic helped her daughter understand about periods in an effective way. She also read books on menstruation and attended Aditi’s Master class which further helped her in talking to people about menstrual health and hygiene. She has conducted workshops for kids and their mothers. Shilpashree also has her own social media handle, Mensesni.

Shilpashree V P