Chandni Gambhir

Initiator of Project Green Your Periods, Learning huts foundation

1000 Girls Educated
Chandni Gambhir

Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh

Areas of Work
Awards & Recognitions

Certificate of SAKHI from RNisarg Foundation from Thane.

Certificate of appreciation from Lovely professional university for conducting session for the students.

Her Story

Chandni wanted to make menstruators aware of Sustainable Menstrual products because she found so much freedom after switching to eco-friendly menstrual products and they are way greener than sanitary pads, but then she noticed that people hesitate too much in talking about periods hence she with Green Your Periods have come to the following mission.:

Where the aim is

1. Normalising period talks among boys n girls.

2. Raising awareness about sustainable MENSTRUAL products

3. Making MENSTRUAL cups reach needy women and train them in using it so that we can eradicate period poverty.

Chandni Gambhir Chandni Gambhir