Aakanksha Choudhary

Teach For India Fellow

2000 Girls Educated
Aakanksha Choudhary
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Bengaluru, India

Areas of Work
Awards & Recognitions

IBM Innovation & Delivery Excellence Award (2018)

IBM Manager’s Choice Award

Toastmasters International District 41 Humorous Speech Champion (2017)

Teach For India Fellowship (2020- 2022)

Menstrupedia Fellowship (2020)

Competent Communicator & Leader (Toastmasters International)

Her Story

Aakanksha has been a late bloomer and hence received her menstrual education from her friends while growing up. The situation at home about periods were entirely hush hush, the channels would be changed whenever the sanitary napkins commercial would show up and a set of rules were demanded to be followed during the five days of period. When she asked for logic, ofcourse she was provided none by her friends and family as they themselves were not very confident about probing into the matters of menstruation. This left her feeling as if she had zero choices to make during her periods and felt baffled at the same. When she found that the same cycle of shame around menstruation was repeated in her home while her younger sister was growing up, she decided to put her foot down and arm self with knowledge which she could then pass on to her sister in order for her to feel empowered in her own body and choices. She read books, learnt from people and created a 10 episode long podcast on menstruation called “The Period Cast” with eminent guests like Devdutt Pattnaik, Melissa Berton, Meenakshi Gupta, Aditi Gupta & Tuhin Paul amongst others. She also decided to do the Menstrupedia Fellowship and became a certified Menstrual Educator.

Aakanksha Choudhary Aakanksha Choudhary Aakanksha Choudhary