I think technology has had a positive effect on periods and menstruation. Technology has helped to spread awareness, make it easier to access information, and has educated people around the world. There are now apps and websites that can help you during your period. New scientific discoveries related to periods have also been made possible due to technology. With all this added awareness and information, girls and women are becoming strong and confident.

As computers and smartphones become more accessible to the general public, people have easier access to websites and apps that talk about periods. This can help to find information, spread awareness and educate oneself. For example, if I am having really bad cramps, the first place I turn to is Google. A Google search can help me find everything from period-related pain relief to why blood might look a different color than what is normal. As recently as several decades ago, it would not have been that easy for a woman to access information via technology. Let’s say you were a young woman in the 1900’s or even in the 1990’s and you noticed something off about your period. You would not be able to just flick open your computer or open your phone and Google it. You would have to call and schedule an appointment with your doctor and physically see them. By that point, you may not even think it to be that big of a deal anymore.

There are now apps available to our bleeding friends that can help in tracking periods. For me, this has been a huge help. I can’t imagine not being able to whip out my phone and see when my next period is due. I schedule big events around my period and stop wearing white underwear about a week before it arrives in order to prevent unwelcome stains.

With the evolution of technology, people can connect with other people to form a widespread movement of sorts. There are now so many accounts on social media that spread awareness and really make an impact in people’s lives. I have gained so much knowledge about period inequality and period health in general from such accounts. For instance, I learned about the pink tax through social media. These accounts help me to also find other strong girls and women like myself, letting me know that I am not alone. It is people like this that create a space where girls and women can share how they feel, making it easier to find other strong women with similar feelings – thereby make a difference towards ending period inequality. Like any other inequality in the world, period inequality has continued due to the spread of misinformation and because of a lack of education. Technology has helped educate people about this and it has certainly helped us better understand what is going on for people who bleed. This creates an entire population of strong and confident women.

Before following accounts like yours (here’s looking at you Menstrupedia!), I was ashamed of my period and afraid to talk about it to even my family. Now I would consider myself a period advocate. I am proud to share period information on my Instagram handle as I feel that it is important to advocate for its understanding and acceptance. I talk to people about my period and help them understand theirs. This is how we make a difference, by educating more people and creating more and more confident women. Technology has made a huge impact in bringing period inequality to light and it is by shedding light on a problem that we solve it.

Technology has also helped make periods easier by inventing new ways to collect blood. Feminine products have become so much more versatile than they used to be. We no longer have to choose between pads or tampons. There are so many more options to help women feel confident on their period. These products are not only more comfortable for some women but they can be more eco-friendly too.

Technology is also a huge help for children whose parents may not be open about discussing periods. They can learn about their body and what amazing things it does. On top of all this, technology has been a huge help in the medical world. We have learnt what different color blood means and doctors can now infer so many things related to someone’s health just based off of their period!

All in all, technology has made a huge impact on periods and in the best way possible. It has helped spread awareness and educate people, all of which leads to more confident women. Technology has also made finding information so much easier and has helped scientists discover new facts related to menstruation. There are also apps and websites dedicated to making life easier on your period. All these advancements help us become a better society and help to create a reality where talking about one’s period is normal. As I said, it is so important that girls and women feel strong and confident. So here’s saying goodbye to being ashamed of your period. Hello being confident and strong instead!

In the United States there is what we call the pink tax also known as gender based pricing. This is a price discrimination which prices products used my women at a higher price point that the same product targeted to men. There are so many young girls who are taught to be ashamed of their periods when in reality periods are awesome. Accounts like yours help young girls and women realize that. Strong, confident girls grow into strong, confident women.

Author : Cedar Moore

Cedar is 13 years old and lives in California. In addition to academics, she plays the violin and volleyball. She thinks that menstruation inequality should be brought to light. She is a firm believer that with strength and confidence, women can change the world.

You can find her on Instagram here: @cedarmoore

Edited By: Divya Rosaline