I had my submission the next day. I had to give a presentation. The entire night I was up going through the details for the big day. The whole time I was dodging with my laptop and my mobile making the corrections and getting ready for the big day. I woke up in the morning, all confident, prepared. Little did I know that a surprise was waiting for me as I entered the washroom. The best day turned into my worst nightmare. I went on the platform to give my presentation. Standing before a class of 5 girls(including me) and 55 boys. I was very uncomfortable in the beginning. I was terrified to even turn around to show the numbers on ppt.

Wherever an important date of presentation or any casual party is announced or anything that involves social gathering my fingers immediately start counting the days. Yes, I am 20 and getting my periods for past 7 years and still, I am not used to it.

With the increase in urbanization and globalization and technology, we get different upgrades in the design of pads as well. There are wings, crystals, channels, gels, and the leak lock system. I mean what. Why. How. Is this all even necessary? And the most uncomfortable yet widely used product ‘the tampons’ I mean why. As it is the situation inside us is very uncomfortable. Why do you want to make it more uncomfortable by using things like these?

As we all know everything around us is annoying as it is and it gets boosts up during periods. Don’t even get me started on mood swings.

I don’t know how the girls in the sanitary napkin’s ad are so cheerful and happy on the day of their period. I cannot even move from my bed for 2 days. I know it’s just an ad but please show some reality. Every girl, actually not only girls every guy and everyone knows the reality.

Furthermore, why do they put the design of flowers and butterflies on the cover of the pad, I mean what’s the use right, who is looking.

Now as we are talking about technology, let’s get technical.

Technology is the branch of knowledge that deals with the creation and use of technical means and their interrelation with life, society, and the environment, drawing upon such subjects as industrial arts, engineering, applied science, and pure science. Umm.. okay so how do periods fit in here?

The most common menstrual products are a veritable cornucopia of plastic. Everything has plastic in it now. According to my grandmother, they used to not have fancy flower-designed pads for them. They used to use a simple damp cloth made from their old clothes. And we say now that it was very dangerous and harmful. But what we have now is equally hazardous, equally unsafe. Not soon but someday definitely we will have to face the problem. Okay, fine agreed we done to have an option now so we use it. Okay! But what after that. Where will all this plastic get deposited? Welcome to the problems in the future! I know it’s too far but if not now then when.

All of us know that the radiations and magnetic fields emitted by the electronic components are harmful to our bodies.

Recently we visited my dad’s colleague’s sister in law, I know, extremely unnecessary and needless visit. However, as we reached there I saw a girl, 15 16 years old, laying on the couch, with her laptop placed on her lower abdomen watching friends. ( ironically, the episode with no uterus no opinion). Technology can be both boon and a bane for women and periods. It is upon us how we adopt it into our lives. This is the situation now we know is happening. God knows what will be the scenario in the future.

Now enough ranting about plastic and advancements in pads. Now about the positive side. Technology has grown way too much for good as well, of course, one of the most useful aspects for us is the food delivery apps. It helps for all the cravings as we just have to tap the mobile screens a few times and there we have. Anything and everything we want to eat and at any hour of the day. We can even cancel the order if we feel like eating something else after 10 mins. Finally, we have got someone who can pamper our tantrums without complaining.

People are selling products and devices that claim to give relief from the period pain. And there are painkillers available. Making working girls or even school going girls to make this time bearable. I have friends who used to bunk the school because of the pain.

There is more that is positive. Earlier many people used to think that even using the word menstruation was a sin or used to think women were not capable of doing things men do because of their so-called problem. Some people still do. The word many is replaced with some because some women have shown tremendous success in technological innovation and advancement.

 More people are getting knowledge about what menstruation is. Girls are getting the right education in their school itself. Parents are as well motivating their girl child to compete in the world. I find myself lucky to be born in this era, we come to know about the horrors that women used to face before technology from our grandmothers and other elders.

And talking about plastic. I am sure as the advancements take place further we will find a way to reduce the use and find an appropriate disposal method.

Author: Neha Chaudhari

Neha Chaudhari is a Mechanical Engineering student. She is learning ‘kathak’ for 15 years now and loves to dance. She likes to go with the flow and accept the uncertainty of life and enjoy it.

You can find her on Instagram here @ _chaudhari04_

Editor : Divya Rosaline