Those days have come, when society will isolate me,

When I will not be able to sit in the same room with my classmates,

The days when I can’t attend school anymore

Those days when I can’t sleep in the same house with my family,

When I will spend nights without bathing.

The days when I can’t eat good food even when it’s available

The days when I can’t play with my friends,

When I can’t go to the market or even to the hospital

Those days that make me feel like I’m dead while I am living.

The days have come, to be called unclean, untouchable, impure,

The days when a normal and natural process will become a secret

When I will have to suffer in silence.

Those days when I will not be allowed to sit and have a meal with my family,

When I can’t join the community in any function, not even in prayers

Those days that make some think a minor is ready for marriage,

The days when I can’t even touch a plant,

When I am not allowed to cook

The days which make me feel like I am nothing.

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No one prepared me for those days, even when they

knew they will come,

I’m afraid to ask my parents, the only person I can talk to is my friend,

Who also knows very little about those days

No one can understand that I need sanitary pads, menstrual cups, tampons or clean cotton cloths during those days.

They don’t know that I need to drink a lot of water and eat good food during those days

They don’t know at times I need medicines to relieve the pain during those days

They don’t know that I need to exercise and relax during those days

They don’t know that I need their support to make those days safer for me.

And then came an educator, who taught us all about menstruation.

Who can confidently talk about those days.

He represents a community that I want to see

The community in which I believe menstruation matters

It’s something which is normal and not a taboo

And no one should be afraid to talk about it.

Now I know menstruation is normal and it’s what make me special

I feel proud that I am growing into a young woman who will one day, change Africa.

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Ssekajoolo Mathew

Poet: Ssekajoolo Mathew
Ssekajoolo from Uganda isa social worker passionate about empowering youth with information about their health.


Editor: Divya Rosaline