I’ve learnt so much about periods through ads,

Sanitary napkin ads!

They taught me

That periods can’t stop me from wearing white pants

(Umm, what about stopping me from entering a religious place?)

Or that I can sleep with my limbs stretched out during periods

(Forget about the excruciating pain that won’t let me sleep in the first place!)

Or that I can jump and run and play sports even during my period

(And eat what’s available ‘cause the kitchen’s too sacred for me…)

Well, most of all, they taught me that I’m not human. I’m alien.

‘Why?’ you ask

Because my blood is blue!

Ok, well, maybe aliens don’t have blue blood

But you can’t blame me,

Remember, Andorians?

Best way to talk to your daughters about periods

Or maybe, I am human

But the uterus is not what science textbooks claim it is

It’s an ink-pot

I can hear it sing

“I am an ink-pot

Short and stout

This is my cerv beaker

And this is myvag spout

When the bloink is flowing,

Cover my spout

With a high absorption pad

To soak up the ink

And fly with its XXL wings”

And to those promoting the ink-pot’s well-being

By wishingus a happy period so that we can stay free,

Here’s a better marketing strategy –

Ek sanitary napkin par ek fountain-pen free”

Squeeze that ink through the pad

And flow with the cursive script!

And the ad jingle you ask?

‘Blue hai period period period period period period

Aur consistency hai never viscous viscous viscous viscous viscous!’

I know you sang it too!

So, dear individuals with a flowing ink-pot,

The next time you stain your clothes because of periods

Remember, it can’t be that!

Because you’d have to have a blue stain

Or you’re making this whole thing up

Just like patriarchy, inequality, exclusion and shaming.

It’s all in your head. Oops, ink-pot.

Anyway, gotta go.

Time to change…my sanitary napkin.

What did you think?!

Poet: Lamia BagaLamia-Bagasrawalasrawala

Lamia is a clinical psychologist by profession, her practices and interactions are driven by feminist, affirmative and strengths based ideas. She loves indulging in travel, food, solitude and creative arts.

Editor: Divya Rosaline