This film is based on an issue that we don’t usually talk about. Periods.

As kids, or even as young boys, we are mostly ignorant about what girls go through every month. This film is partially based on a true incident that happened many years back in a small North Indian town. A girl once had to go through this and the unfortunate part is that even after so many years, her former classmates still call her ACID. She doesn’t mind anymore.

When a friend of mine narrated the whole incident to me, I decided to make a short film on the topic as I had created a new Facebook page “Tales N’ Talkies” dedicated to real stories. I thought of giving an alternate ending to this story by giving out a strong message. I wish the whole incident had happened the way it unfolded in my film.

abbas mirza_thumbnailAuthor and Filmmaker – Abbas Mirza

Equipped with a background in advertising and copy-writing, Abbas’ recent project “Tales N’ Talkies” wants to tell some good stories based on real incidents using the medium of films. ACID is the first film in this series and he plans to make more films in the coming months.

Edited by – Palashi Vaghela