New branded tracks

Brand new jersey

I pull the tissue

Out of the new shoes.

Brand new water bottle

A new pack of sanitary pads

As the day breaks,

I step out of the house.

I rush past the morning crowd,

Toss my bag on the stone bench

Tie my shoelaces and warm up

As I stretch, I feel the bleed.

Crowds gather, my coach arrives

I give a thumbs up to my parents

Cheering from the corner.

I wait, squinting my eyes in the sun.

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The sharp screech of the whistle blows

I run, I bleed.

I bleed, I run.

People cheer, I run, I bleed.

The more I run, the more I sweat,

The more I run, the more I bleed,

Amidst all the heat around me,

I feel the wetness, sweat and blood.

I run…… I run…. I run….

A ribbon hits my chest,

I drop down on the floor,

Sweating still, bleeding still.

They announce that I am selected,

For participating in the Olympics this year.

I look back to the day I cried,

After boys on the ground teased me for my stain.

To the day when my mom was advised

Not to send me outside “on those days”.

I sincerely hope…. No! I pray,

The day of my Olympics run, I should have my period.

This is the winning entry for our 5th writing contest: Sports During Periods

Dedicated to the memory of Mr.M.Arun Kumar, my beloved husband who passed away recently.

Narayani-SubramanianPoet: Narayani Subramanian
Narayani is a research scholar of Marine Biology in
Andamans. As a child of two doctors, she lived in a very well-informed and secure bubble until she one day realized that not all girl children are as lucky as her. She wants to spread medical awareness through popular media to the young girls who are stepping into womanhood. 

Editor: Anam Mitra

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