Shhhhh… come inside… your periods have begun

You have become a woman, now behave like one

It will happen every month, so no more fun

You might get stomach aches, but don’t tell anyone

Don’t do pujas on those days, don’t even touch any idol

No washing your hair, even if they smell

Touching a pickle is prohibited; it might get ruined

Don’t water the plants, don’t even walk in the lawn

Absolutely no sports or exercise, big NO to a run

Don’t talk to men, or else you will never become a mum

My Dear,

These are just a few, believe me, there are many more versions

You may hear these myths, but never believe even in one

Say no to superstition, and don’t fall prey to any bargain

Let’s break the vicious circle and build us a new chain

Nothing degrading about periods, that is certain

My Precious,

Let’s together uplift the world and not abandon

Periods are just a natural and biological process, just take it as one

Now that we know periods are natural and not a burden

Let’s spread awareness and be a responsible guardian

Together we can uplift collective thinking which is enough worsened

We have to bring about change in unison, as there is no chairperson

The myths should be erased without any scope for resurrection

We all need to work towards this perpetual immersion

Be prepared, as this is an arduous journey, not an excursion

Let’s work towards eradicating the myths as if we have an ultimatum

And stop only when the task has reached its conclusion

Till then, let’s join hands and take charge of this mission

Author: Neha Manu

Neha is the mother of two lovely daughters. A Maths Honours graduate with an MBA in Finance, she has been in the IT sector for 15 years. She loves numbers and logic. For her number-love, she is a certified Abacus and Vedic Maths teacher. For her logic-love, she is pursuing her passion in order to eradicate the myths and superstitions attached specifically to periods.

Edited by: Divya Rosaline