Wonder why does the calendar have those 4 days
of agonizing pain, an angry river that churns within my body…
Making me curl, and hold my wretched belly
from where it slowly kills me.
Wonder why I’m born as a woman
to bear the many moments & miseries
that no one else seems to understand
but another woman… or does she…?
Wonder why I’m expected to “carry on”
“Act normally”, Stop “behaving strange”
Make friend with my tears
My only friend…
Wonder why I suddenly become a Taboo
And left alone to “deal with it”…
Stained garments, awkward postures,
the sight of blood.
Wonder why I’m left alone
with no one to hold me tightly
& unchain me, release me
soothe me, calm me, love me…
Wonder what within me is pure
& what’s Impure ?
Wonder when will I unravel
the myth, mystery, misery behind
those 4 days…

Poet  “Anonymous”  
Just another man who feels for his woman, and all the women, who don’t have the words to explain what they feel.