Today, I’m bleeding again,

And so will I tomorrow,

Which sometimes makes me think, why can’t I put a stop to this?

Why does it have to happen again?


My body cracks and my eyes blur with the water dripping from it,

I shout and hold his hand; sometimes I scratch him too,

He somehow makes me feel better but what more can he really do?

He loves me and he cares for me, but he feels helpless too.


I feel like running away from the crowd and just clinging to my pillow,

As terrifying alarms ring all night long,

To save me from the nightmare of washing the bed-sheets and my clothes,

I have to wake up every two-and-a-half hours, yes I bleed that much.


It is not that bad, there is always a good side too,

It is that time when my mind becomes so strong,

That he literally does whatever it takes to put a smile on my face.

I’m glad he follows no myths and so should no man or woman,

It is disrespectful of what nature has gifted to me and so many others.


It is natural and I’m growing with this,

Listening to the do’s and don’ts

Counting the number of times I have to deal with it again.

As my stomach bloats up and I again gain a kilo,

I’m sitting here in my bed like a blob trying to make the best of my time

Writing this poem, as it’s no secret, telling the world:

Today, I am bleeding again.

picture_thumbPoet – Shruti Gangar

A Photographer, Visual Artist and Creative Writer, Shruti lives in a bubble, fabricated with the excitement of the new – constantly looking forward to discovering something. She is a daughter, sister, wife and daughter-in-law that makes her life forever interesting. You can find her work here.

Edited by – Divya Rosaline