Thank you guys for participating enthusiastically and sending across your submissions! By sharing your perspectives you helped us understand how periods during the COVID-19 era are multifaceted.

The shortlisted entries for our writing contest on Periods in Pandemic are mentioned below. We would announce the winners on 25th July, 2020 and start publishing the winning entries from next week.

  1. Yeshashwini Ramachandra
  2. Vishnu Priya Gopal
  3. Vaishnavi Singh
  4. Hetvi Bhavsar
  5. Tanaya Naik
  6. Shivani Indulkar
  7. Saranya Sivakumar
  8. Rushali Yadav
  9. Akanksha Choudhary
  10. Nidhi Rawat
  11. Namitha N
  12. Mirnal Nautiyal
  13. Janani Janarthanan
  14. Bhaghya Sivadass
  15. Dyuti Dutta