It was the first time,

But before it could actually sink in,

I was told to wash the red stained bed sheet, blanket and clothes,

With my sore and aching body,

I tried hard to make those stains vanish.

For a few days,

My bedroom was the secluded ‘period’ room,

With another set of secluded ‘period’ bedding,

I wasn’t allowed into the kitchen,

Or even into the temples,

Where most sinners found peace.

I had a happy time within those secluded walls,

I’d say luxurious (if we ignore the part of washing everything that I touched),

That time of the month where all those worn out things were again in use.

I couldn’t touch anything,

I couldn’t do anything,

I couldn’t interrupt,

For the sake of purity.

I wonder if they could consider it as vermillion at times.

Best way to talk to your daughters about periods

So I went to the mall,

The only place I was allowed into,

Because nobody knew the inside story.

I was a first timer,

And hence the irresponsibility.

My friend constantly covered me from behind,

While I blabbered questions,

He didn’t say anything.

At home, seeing the red stain on my skirt.

I couldn’t stop smiling.

Tired and sleepy.

I went to bed.

As my day as a celebrity ends,

I planned how I am going to celebrate my daughter’s first day!

Maybe wrap her and cuddle her.

adwitiya-vermaPoet: AdwitiyaVerma

Editor: Divya Rosaline

easiet way to teach and learn about periods