The average woman endures some 456 periods in total over 38 years, or roughly 2,280 days with her period –that’s 6.25 years of her life. And if roughly half the world is female, this is quite an important piece of information. Yet, tell a man you are on your period and see him squirm in his seat. Let’s face it! Men aren’t comfortable when it comes to this topic. I don’t blame them. It must be hard to fully comprehend something they never go through, that women guard like a nuclear code and don’t talk about themselves! But it’s 2016 and women are opening up. And men – if they pay attention – will find enough online and off it to stop making excuses and learn a thing or two about it.


Now, if you are wondering why am I dragging you out of your comfort zone and you probably know enough to get by, watch this video and you’ll know how little men know about practical things involving periods. In fact, women should also watch this one even if it is just for laughs at men’s funny answers about periods.


Dear men, let me start with the good news! You don’t have to know EVERYTHING about periods! It’s okay if you don’t know how a maxi pad is different from a regular one. Or if you keep a calendar to keep track of your woman’s cycle. But rolling your eyes at a woman and assuming it must be that time of the month for her is no longer acceptable. Here are a few things that might help you get a head start:



Stop being uncomfortable. I’m sure it’s hard to talk about something that happens to women’s lady parts and I completely accept the blame on behalf of women for your discomfiture. But you can stop feeling uncomfortable now. Because even we aren’t, anymore. You need to work on the next point to help you overcome this faster.

Read up. It isn’t as hard anymore to find information. You don’t have to rely on women in the family or probe your girl friends for basic information. Go online and there’s tons of it. And given your interest, I am sure the women in your life will be happy to help you with their own insights too!


Every reaction isn’t PMS. Every outburst of emotion isn’t due to hormones. Have you ever considered that you actually may be THAT annoying and we might be genuinely frustrated? We are just people like you,exceptwith wombs.


Don’t be so helpless. Cramps are a part of the process. Just be there for the women in your life. Learn a few things that might help. And you should definitely know what works for a woman – yes, even if she is your sister!


Buying pads is like buying condoms. Except that, I agree, there can be different choices and preferences for women. Make an effort to understand what your woman prefers. The last thing she wants in an emergency is a clueless and embarrassed you who has no idea what to do! You aren’t illiterate to be carrying a piece of paper on which she writes exactly what she wants.


If this seemed like a lecture from a podium above, here is an awesome post for men by a man addressing common notions men typically have about periods. I recommend that you be patient and read it till the end. If it interests you, lookaround the blog. You’ll come back a lot wiser! 🙂


(I recommend that you – men or women or others – who read this post, watch the videos I have shared! They are quite interesting!)

suman_100x100Author – Suman Kher

A communication and soft skills trainer for 13 years, Suman is passionate about writing and social media. Her hobbies include writing and watching reruns of sitcoms. She tweets as @suman_kher.

Edited by – Divya Rosaline

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