“Hey, wait. I am menstruating…”

“ What?”



“Shhhhhh…why you are shouting so loudly?”

“Boys are near us…they might be able to listen…and why you are uttering the M word?”

“What’s the  big deal? What should I call it?”

“You can use an alternative…some benign word…like…”

“Like what?”

“Like…hmm… that may be a problem…or just call it mango candy?”


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“Yup…MC…its Mango Candy…”

“Why should I call it a problem…it’s not at all one…and wait…why Mango candy? Are you crazy?”

“No…I am not…but you are so loud…I am simply helping you behave…”


“Ahhh….really? You remind me of my mom!”


Daughter:“Mom…I am so worried.”

Mom:“What’s the matter?”

Daughter: “There are blood spots in my knicker.”

Mom: “Shhh…lower your voice first!”

Daughter:  “Is it some kind of disease, Mom?”

Mom: “Shhhh…shut up…Your Dad will listen…don’t speak so loudly…and lets go to the bathroom!”


Mom: “Yes baby.”

Best way to talk to your daughters about periods

c “Now you are not a little cute innocent girl miss… you have turned into a fertile lady…bliss…a myth…

Now you are not a bird free to play and fly high

Now you are caged for our traditions are so shy

This is called a “period” or we simply say “problem”

‘Cause it makes you crippledd and imposes social constraints

Don’t go to temples and don’t touch Gods

You are dirty. Filthy…go away into the shadows.

Put yourself into a corner, disappearance is sensible

Guests and friends may call you out but hide, be invisible

Your womb is a source of all this misery and doom…

Hey don’t utter that sex word; ignorance is the norm.


Now behave like a
classy lady and stay a virgin till your marriage

If you rebel or dance or play, surely you’re asking for something tragic.

So yes, this is called puberty and it’s a heavy burden,

You have to carry it till you get my point,

That’s for certain.


dr-ayshwarya-revadkarWritten and Art Work by Dr. Ayshwarya Revadkar

Dr. Ayshwarya  is Obstetrician & Gynecologist who is an avid traveler. She loves to read and write. She dreams to achieve freedom for women from taboos, age old  traditions and ignorance. Dr. Ayshwarya also takes Menstrual education and MHM sessions for adolescent girls .

Editor: Divya Rosaline