One of the best ways to create a future free of menstrual taboo is to raise our next generation right. How about every one making sure that we tell our kids, younger sisters and brothers about menstruation at the right age. In this writing contest we are calling for entries of conversation that you had or plan to have with you younger ones about periods.

Write about what you would have expected an elder to say you about periods when you were young.

Tell us what you wanted your science teacher to teach you about periods in school

Write, how you wanted you elder sister to tell you about your periods so that you grew up to become an informed man.

We’re looking to reward the best stories and views that would help others to ease the conversation about periods.

Get your work published on our blog and win exciting goodies! We welcome entries from everyone, regardless of whether you menstruate or not.

A few guidelines for the submissions:
Story submission (written) – Article should be between 800 to 1000 words in a .doc/.docx file
Poetry submission (written) – Submit composition in a .doc/.docx file
Poetry submission (spoken) – Audio/Video should be clearly audible and of good quality. Video will be highly preferred.

Please note that the written piece should be your original composition. In case your story is inspired by some other piece of writing, share the link and reference and give due credits.

Tip Submission: You can make a list of things you want to tell your daughter/son/younger self about periods.

Send in your entries along with a high resolution picture of yourself and a short bio, to

Last date for submissions – 27th June. 2016