You know, just those things that make you want to go like “OMG! Yes! That’s exactly what it feels like!” while munching on chocolate and burying yourself in sheets as you hate everything. We feel you sister, we really do.



Because period puns.


Baby now we got bad blood #menstruation

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And messing with people because you can. *puts on the shades and begins to rock*


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But soon it’s time to do your laundry along with the pain. Wow! Isn’t that just great?!


#lmfao #periods #periodhumor #realshit #solame

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Thank you #Uterus #period #womenproblems #crampus #cramps #menstruation #ihatethatword

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And don’t even get me started about the *pain* of keeping them discreet. How am I supposed to hide all that gallon of blood flowing from my vagina!?


😂😂😂😂#seriously #stolen #periodhumor #sotrue #yes #haha

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And finally when you think you have survived the war and can start having a life again…


Thanks for nothing Mother Nature. *Slams the door*


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