Very often I notice our dear male colleagues giggling behind a cranky woman’s back “is it that time of the month for her?” I would not deny that we women, no matter how strong and healthy we are, can sometimes turn into witches with invisible broomstick when we are PMS’ing, some women show the symptoms, some manage them by doing Yoga and other exercises but only we know what goes in our head and how we indulge in self-talk, perform at work, talk politely with people around us.
I have been studying my mood patterns for years now, thought my observations might help other women to manage themselves and men to understand their women and be there for them.
1. Firstly, we all have smartphones and there are apps available which help you track your dates, they are very useful, trust me, install them.

2. Start marking dates on your calendar, start dates, end dates, dates when you started having mood swings (mood started dipping or soaring) and what sort of thoughts did you start having. Everyone’s body is different, once you start recognizing your pattern, you will be well prepared in advance to manage your behavioral pattern and you will be able to manage your office work accordingly.

3. Two weeks post menstruation you will feel a sudden surge of optimism, happiness, energy because Estrogen level starts rising, this is the time you should try to start up new projects. You will feel thinner during this time as well 🙂 If you want to eat junk food and splurge on sinful food, you should indulge during this time.

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4. The third week is when your energy will start decreasing because Estrogen level starts reducing and this is the time you should start consuming more nutritious food, have a lot of fiber, green leafy veggies.

5.The fourth week is the worst, you will have nervous breakdown, angry outbursts, crying spree because your estrogen levels go low. Try to hibernate at work during this period if you can, finish off work which you can manage individually. I used to break up with my the-then boyfriends during this week, remember not to act upon your feelings much during this week. Put reminders in your phone and ensure you start doing Pranayam during these days proactively and exercise a lot, of course intake of nutritious food should be maintained. Avoid salty, junk food, consuming cold food, alcohol during this time and increase your water intake to be well prepared for the water retention.

6. After the fourth week, hopefully you will feel very relieved if your dear friends arrive on time, you would most probably have a sunny disposition, best time to deliver presentations, at-least for me 🙂 Have hot beverages, lots of nutritious food, water, avoid cold and tangy food items, cuddle up with your spouse/lover and enjoy.
I reckon a lot of women may have already received these tips from their mothers and hopefully this will help some of our dear ladies out there who did not.

Devina Yadav

 Author: Devina Yadav
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