Valentine’s is upon us and we can’t help but partake a little in the madness. Can you blame us? We’re suckers for love!

Here’s a nifty DIY tutorial for making this super-cute lamp for someone you love (that could very well be yourself!) Not only does it make the perfect lighting for a romantic evening, but also gives you a chance to put that phone/laptop away and indulge in the joy of making something for real! We’d love to see pictures of your lamp in the comments below, if you decide to make one.

Lamp for the Valentine’s day and just love the way it fills my home with warmth and romance.

Valentine’s Day special: A DIY Heart Lamp

1. Cut a card board in the shape of a heart
2. Pierce Christmas/LED lights through it
3. Make lots of paper roses and stick on the heart
4. This is how you make paper roses

Heart Lamp Tutorial


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