“Black polythenes, newspapers and what not
So many efforts to hide something normal I bought?
It’s ok – I bleed; I’m a woman unashamed
I need sanitary napkins; I can’t be blamed
Don’t frown when I buy it sans it’s veil
Your gossip is Equality’s coffin’s last nail.

Everyone talks about women empowerment
But no platforms are found for our feelings to vent
Periods are our reality, not a bane
If such talks are abnormal, then what is sane?
No girl is born feeling ashamed about menstruation
It’s a side effect of societal laws of validation.

Talk about periods and get alienated
Maintaining the taboo keeps egos sated
The government gave us Rights for sure
But society’s deaf to our heartfelt roar
Let’s exercise our Right and talk about it
And society’s welcome to sort its own shit.

All intelligent individuals need to understand
Period talks don’t deserve expressions like ‘food’s bland’
Sanitary napkins are a purchase as normal as grain
Cramps are enough. Don’t persevere to give us mental pain.

Poet: Sugandha Srivastava

Sugandha is from Lucknow and is a first year MBBS student at the Hind Institute of Medical Sciences,Barabanki.

Editor: Divya Rosaline