Here are the winners of our 6th Writing contest: Menstrual Leaves-Should or Shouldn’t be. We shall start publishing their articles by next week.

First Prize Winner: Soumya Panda

Soumya Panda is final year MBA graduate specializing in Human Resource Management. She is a Blogger and also a public speaking enthusiast. Soumya Panda

Second  Prize Winner: Apurva Kandicuppa

Apurva works as an Assistant Designer at Indian Institute for Human Settlements, Bangalore. An Engineer and a Disaster Management Professional by education, she loves to sketch and write in her free time.
Apurva KandicuppaBest way to talk to your daughters about periods

Third  Prize Winner: Nandini Mazumdar & Dyuti Sen

Nandini holds a Masters in Sociology from Jawaharlal Nehru University and has worked with young people and women, particularly, on issues of gender and sexuality; She is also a International Visitors Leadership Program (IVLP) alumni and currently works for India HIV/AIDS Alliance.

Nandini Mazumder

Dyuti is an Economics graduate and is currently pursuing a social leadership program and working in rural Bihar.


easiet way to teach and learn about periods