I was a normal girl
When suddenly things changed
They told me I had become mature
A pool of blood had rained.

I loved playing football,
They gave me a no-call.
I loved cooking food,
But my presence in the kitchen changed their mood.

I used to wear skirts,
They gave me an alert.
I went to do chores,
All I heard was a loud roar.

I thought maybe it’s because they care for me,
So that I don’t work in pain
And want me to rest
Because they think about my best.

But when I went to the temple,
They asked me to stop
They said I was cursed
And then my bubble burst.

Shubhangi-Pant-profilePoet: Shubhangi Pant

Shubhangi is a computer graduate. She is a happy soul who wants to spread happiness and joy.


Editor: Divya Rosaline