“Menarche wasn’t a shock though,

Mom told me there existed an Aunt Flo;

But I wasn’t enlightened yet

What I knew was a negligible bit.

Oh shoot mom! My pyjamas’ red

Into the washroom I quickly fled

Don’t worry darling, don’t fret

It’s normal: It’s the periods’ onset.

She handed me a pad and pyjamas new

I felt irritated and a little eww

I didn’t know what it exactly was

But I judged it to be totally gross.

Someone said periods are an obstacle

I can’t dance, swing and touch pickles

There was no internet around

Stupid myths did me surround

I searched my Science book

Scanned each corner and every nook

But it didn’t provide me with help, any

I then proceeded to my dictionary

At least it defined processes all

It shifted in my court the logic ball

But the best was mom’s most scientific approach

It brought me out of all reproach

I wish everyone had a guide like my mom

Who helps all of hers to happily blossom.

Sugandha ShrivastavaAuthor: Sugandha Srivastava

Sugandha lives in Lucknow and is a first year MBBS student at Hind Institute of Medical Sciences, Barabanki.

Editor: Divya Rosaline