I got my period today.

I am happy -periods make me feel so connected with myself.

Grounded. Balanced.

No painkillers for me, thank you.

I want to feel what I feel.

Even if my body hurts

And I can’t focus on anything.

That’s okay;

It reminds me of the woman I am.

The fire of creativity grows in my womb.

But I am a lucky woman:

I can stop whenever I need to,

I can sit, lay down

Under my purple blanket – that’s my favorite –

I can sleep if I want to.

Best way to talk to your daughters about periods

I can take rest, watching nature from my window.

Walnut trees

Witches’trees – what a funnyt hought!

Walnut oval leaves

Makes me think of sanitarypads.

Are there any women using them?

Walnut leaves, I mean.

Are there women in the world

Who can stop working

While menstruating?

Who can sit, lay down, sleep, take rest?

Even just for one day

One day to breathe

One day for growing roots


As if they were walnut trees.

Sara-SalonePoet: Sara Salone 

Sara is based in Italy and works as a librarian. She also does translation works and write tales for children.

Editor: Divya Rosaline